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Nasmeh v ogledalu je povedal vse

Nasmeh v ogledalu je povedal vse

| Čas branja: 5 min

»Hvala, da ste mi povrnili nekaj, nad čemer sem že dolgo časa nazaj izgubil upanje,« je stavek, ki se mi bo globoko vtisnil v spomin.

Pred vami je zgodba, v kateri se lahko prepozna marsikdo izmed nas. Govori o izkušnji, kako se kot posamezniki intimno soočamo z izgubo las in spremembo našega videza. Govori o tem, kako obsežna in močna je lahko sprememba videza potem, ko vrsto let nikoli nismo resnično zadovoljni s svojim izgledom. In govori o tem, da nikoli ne smemo obupati in da je včasih potreben le korak v pravo smer, da si povrnemo tisto, nad čemer smo obupali že dolgo časa nazaj.

To je zgodba naše stranke, ki ne potrebuje dodatnih besed in pojasnil, razen morda tega, da je to

največja nagrada in priznanje, ki daje vrednost in smisel mojemu delu:

"I started going bald when I was 19, and by the time I was 25 I made my peace with the fact that, no matter what I do with the hair I got, it will never look good. For years I just gave up on it, and was "wearing" messy hair - or completely shaven - but always with an advanced male baldness pattern. I never wanted to wear a toupee, nor did I seriously consider a hair transplant - that always seemed too much work, doesn’t always look natural, and you have to be careful when wearing it, and it could leave scars, and things could go wrong, and then you're worse than on the start. For me, I would much rather look natural, even if bald.

When I heard about scalp micropigmentation, I got curious. From the pictures and the videos, it looked really good, almost too good to be true. And you don't even have to take any special care of it! Reading about it on forums, and hearing many testimonies about how it really is as good as it looks, and how it looks natural, has finally convinced me that after over 20 years of never being really satisfied with my looks, no matter how much effort I put in, to take a risk and do it.

It was really important for me that I have confidence in whoever does this procedure on me. For me, it was not an option that this could turn for worse - I never even got a tattoo before. And at first, I thought I'll have to travel to the USA or to the UK to find an expert who I can trust. But after a short search, I was more than thrilled to find that there is a great studio in Slovenia!

Already after the first call with Maja, I felt confident about her, and the whole procedure. I was worried that I would perhaps not like my new hairline after the procedure, but Maja explained to me that the hairline will evolve through several sessions, and in each session, we could change it in any way I wanted, so that put me at ease.

Soon after, I was already in the studio for my first session. We intentionally left the hairline a bit higher, so we'll have more options for later sessions when I see what kind of hairline I would actually like. And already after the first session, I was really satisfied - it already changed how I look, even though the change was subtle.

And through 4 sessions, both the hairline evolved and so did the thickness and darkness of my new hair. What surprised me was that after each session, except for 2 days of barely noticeable redness, it always looked natural, it was never in a phase where it looked strange or unfinished.

And I am really, really satisfied with the end result.

First, and for me the most important, it looks really natural. Even when I look into the mirror from up close, I can’t tell where the tattoo ends and where does my old hairline start. I simply can’t differentiate between tattoo dots and original hair, it looks that good - in color and in shape. It changed how my whole face looks - I now look like I remember myself from my teenage years. It’s now hard for me to imagine how I looked just up a few months ago.

And I feel more confident. I actually never even noticed for those 20 years how I was not confident in some aspects - I never liked having pictures taken of myself, or turning my camera on when talking to somebody online. Now I suddenly don’t have a problem with that. I still surprise myself when I look in the mirror - I like how I look. :)

I didn’t tell almost anybody that I’m doing SMP before it was done, because I was really interested in how would people react, particularly those who have known me for a long time. And the results? Female friends, upon seeing me for the first time after SPM, would tell me out of the blue that I somehow look different, more manly, and more attractive. That my eyes are somehow more noticeable. But when I asked them why they think so, what has changed on me, they could not tell why. They were really surprised after I told them that I got a tattoo, they would have never guessed it. My male friend started telling me how nicely I have shaved my head. When I asked a friend of over 20 years what exactly was different about me, he could not tell, even from up close. Even after I told him I got a tattoo on my head, he could not see it, until I explained that I got my hairline tattooed.

I’m really glad I found Maja and studio Senso. Maja always had the patience for any wishes I had, and even encouraged them, and was really helpful in consulting what kind of hairline to choose. She was really professional and left an impression of being an expert in her field, and at the same time, she was kind, pleasant, and understanding throughout the whole experience. I got the impression that she really cares about her work and even more than she cares that her clients are satisfied with the result and that she understands how life-changing something like this can be for a person. And she also had fresh home-baked cookies for each session. :)

In short, I am really satisfied with the whole experience, and with the results. It looks really natural, it looks really good, and I feel more confident. So I can wholeheartedly recommend Maja and Studio Senso. Thank you for giving me something on which I gave up hope of having a long time ago!"

Hvala za zaupanje in priložnost, da sem lahko bila del te navdihujoče zgodbe.

Mikropigmentacija lasišča spreminja življenja. Na bolje. Vsakič. Ko vidim svoje stranke, ki se nasmehnejo in pogledajo v ogledalo s čisto novim zaupanjem, me spomni, zakaj to počnem.

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